Nikon Imaging Center

Our mission

Nikon Imaging Center is state-of-the-art imaging facilities established as a partnership between key research institutes around the world and Nikon:
To contribute to the development of cutting edge research and to serve as a hub for educating the surrounding community on the fundamentals of microscopy and the latest advances in imaging technology.
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The Nikon IMaging CEntre (NIMCE)

The Nikon IMaging CEntre (NIMCE) at the Curie’s Institute promotes the improvement and development of bio-imaging technologies and their application to the life sciences.

The NIMCE is to provide to a wide community of scientists throughout France, with the support of Nikon France , a large number of up-to-date imaging methodologies to monitor the living cell activity at high spatial and temporal rate, and as a consequence to propose an adequate management of the massive data generated with these approaches.

The NIMCE is an Institut Curie and CNRS core facility for light microscopy developed in partnership with Nikon France. The NIMCE is supported by the following corporations.

by supplying both microscopy equipment and experimental materials :

Corporate contributors

Supported by

Roper scientific as a corporate partner


Molecular Device

Ile de France


France BioImaging







Life Imaging System


Tokai Hit



The mission of the NIMCE is to

  • Support research while giving the researchers access to most advanced technologies in the field of cellular imaging and the analyse’s and processing’s Imaging Datas.
  • Provide trainning courses, individual instruction, and consulting on advanced light microscopy techniques
  • Stimulate innovation in biological research by providing investigators access to cutting edge microscopy resources with a particular emphasis on developing novel imaging solutions to systems biology challenges
  • Promote cross-discipline collaborations by providing an exciting intellectual commons centered on light microscopy
  • Become a demonstration platform for Nikon’s commercial prospecting.


Other Nikon Imaging Centers

Nikon has developed a group of world leading imaging centers in order to provide researchers with the latest in cutting edge technology for imaging and microscopy. The NIMCE@IC-CNRS  is Nikon’s seventh global imaging center providing researchers at academic institutions with access to the most advanced technology and optimum conditions for their ground-breaking scientific research.

♦ The Nikon Imaging Centers in the World

Map of the others Nikon imaging centers in the world