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Intravital Facility Mouse Surgery

Mouse surgery

Mouse surgery

Next to the microscopy room, a dedicated room for mice surgery is available with the following equipment:

  • anesthesia
  • animal holder
  • heating plate

A very specific material has been designed, developed and created here for working on mice during long-term studies. This “home-made” equipment allows to obtain a organ window, allowing to reach internal organs, as watertight and flat as possible. It also maintain very closely the animal, in order to obtain a minimal background of respiration and heartbeat.

For any specific study, our team is able to develop for you this kind of apparatus to optimize your work on mice.


Multi Scale Observation

Equipement and specific installation at the Intravaital Facility allows to obtain a very unique overview of a particular study, to obtain a multi-scale observtation from tissue to cellular, and even intracellular level.

For example, for a experimentation on mouse mammary gland under fluorescence, we can observe (on first picture below) on the tissular level the collagen and adypocyts surroounding the channel.

In a second time, when focusing on collagen, we can obtain a cellular view of these structure (on the second picture below).

And finally, when approching the cellular organisation, we also can observe the endosomes inside, at he intracellular level (on the third picture below).

Organ Window For Mouse