Nikon Imaging Center


Super-Resolution : N-STORM 4.0 Super-Resolution, N-STORM Super-Resolution, N-SIM E Super-Resolution, N-SIM Super-Resolution | Multiphoton : A1RMP+ Multiphoton, A1MP+ Multiphoton | Confocal Microscopes : A1R+, A1+, C2 Plus, AZ-C2+ | Inverted Microscopes : Eclipse Ti2, Eclipse Ts2R, Eclipse Ts2, Eclipse Ti-E, Eclipse Ti-U, Eclipse Ti-S | Upright Microscopes : Research, Clinical, Educational | Live Cell Screening Systems : BioStation IM-Q, BioStation CT | Software : NIS-Elements Advanced Research, NIS-Elements Basic Research, NIS-Elements Documentation, NIS-Elements Confocal | Photostimulation and TIRF : Ti-LAPP, TIRF Illuminator | Light Sources : Intensilight
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If you would like to use the equipment in the Nikon Imaging Centre, please first contact the NIMCE’s manager. All…